How to Get Approved For an Apartment Mortgage

Before securing an apartment mortgage, you need to consider your eligibility. For example, if you own a commercial freehold property, you may be able to apply for one on a multi-unit freehold block. While you may need to pay a higher interest rate, your loan-to-value will usually be less than seventy-five percent. Specialist advisers understand the requirements and hurdles you must overcome in order to get approved.

Interest rates

Interest rates on apartment mortgages are still relatively low. As the interest rates on fixed-rate mortgages continue to rise, the demand for apartments remains strong. Apartment rents continued to increase in 2021 and in 2022. There is no longer 주택담보대출 a glut of debt space, but interest rates and pricing have increased. Here are some reasons why. Here are some examples of how interest rates on apartment mortgages have changed in recent months:

Down payment

While many lenders are lenient about a low down payment, some are reluctant to take on a loan for an apartment. In NYC, a minimum down payment of twenty percent is the standard. A lower down payment means higher interest rates and a higher mortgage payment, and this can be especially difficult when the apartment is expensive or is a rental. If you have a high enough down payment, however, you should be able to find a mortgage lender who is willing to accept a low deposit.

Balloon payment schedule

Using a balloon payment schedule can save you a lot of money over the course of the loan. If you are paying your mortgage in fixed payments, you will make smaller payments throughout the term of the loan. In addition, the balloon payment schedule is flexible, allowing you to choose a shorter or longer time frame to pay off the loan. You can choose to make monthly payments of interest only, or balance and interest payments, which reduce the amount of your loan and reduce the total amount of interest that you will pay.


There are a few specific requirements for an apartment mortgage. The lender will typically want to see a minimum of 24 months of stable income from the apartment building. The loan amount will be dependent on the property’s income and net income. In some cases, the lender may require additional collateral. The requirements for an apartment mortgage may vary depending on the lender. The following are some of the most important considerations for an apartment mortgage.